Sunday, 17 July 2011

Another Artistic Etchings birthday

My friend is turning forty and is going to Paris to celebrate (lucky girl!).  Perfect, I thought to myself as I whipped out the Artistic Etchings set again.  I used the faux mosaic tile look for this one.  I cut them into one inch squares and stuck them down.  It is quite a tricky card, particulary when you are not used to inches and all of your equipment is in centimetres (as it has been since 1966!!!)

Quick embarrassing story from Melbourne:  I used my sister's navy blue BMW to drive to an appointment I had and parked in a 2 hour zone.  Went back to the car and for the life of me could not open the doors when I pressed the alarm button.  The key wouldn't even fit.  I rang my brother-in- law and he said he could come and get me but he would be over an hour.  Had to leave a note on the car so I wouldn't get a ticket.  I get back to the car and the note had gone and the car was unlocked.  It ended up that I had been trying to unlock someone else's navy blue BMW that was parked in front of mine!



  1. Nice one. I've been meaning to try this faux tile technique for a while - in fact using this very set....maybe one day. could make a good little project.

    Malyn at ThinkInkCreative

  2. I like the card very well: the type and the color choice!
    I like it a lot!
    And the story of the car is very entertaining. Would happen to me;-)
    Many greetings from Germany sends