Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Lovely as a Tree

I made this card for my male work colleague (I only have one guy that I work with).  To create this I used a stamp set called Lovely as a Tree, which is a beautiful set with very intricate images of -you guessed it- trees!  I also used one of my favourite techniques called distressing, which roughs up the edges to give it a worn look.  I also tried my hand at using Glimmer mist.  It is a spritz that gives it a vintage look too.  The risk you take is that you add it as the last step, so if you over spray, it just looks like you've spilt something over the card.  As usual I managed to whack some staples on there too.

I have seen this stamp set used as a Christmas stamp, by using a glue pen, putting dots of glue on the tree and then sprinkling glitter over it.  You tap it and the glitter attaches itself like tiny baubles- can't wait to try that!


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  1. Very nice!! Love the cupcake cards too - now where's that punch gone again? ;)